Monday, July 25, 2011

DEW Animal Kingdom

This past month Stomper had an "Auntie Day" while we had a "Weed the Garden Day". I think Stomper had more fun then we did although we got a lot done in the garden (not that you can tell now).
When we were done in the garden we all went to DEW Animal Kingdom.

At first Stomper wasn't too sure about the animals. He soon felt a little safer and began laughing at them. He had a good time overall, even though he was very sleepy towards the end of our visit.

The zoo is run by a local man and supported by ticket sales and generous donations from the community.The animals look really well cared for. I have been to a few zoo's over the past few years where the animals look sickly, bored, and underfed. That is not the case here at DEW. The animals look really well cared for. They all responded positively when the owner came out to give a tour. It is easy to tell by watching the owner that the animals trust and follow him. If you get a chance to go then I suggest you go towards the end of the day so that you can get a tour with the owner.

More Pictures
I hope to go again before they close for the winter. Maybe you should come with us next time!

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