Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yarn Along

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading. This is what I am knitting and reading this week. Pop on over to Small Things to find some other people who knit and read too!

I have been knitting two things while I work at the daycare. Something mindless and something that takes my full attention. I promised my sister gauntlets and I actually started them! I am about 20 rows in. I think I goofed once, but you can't tell so I didn't rip out any stitches to try and fix it (I only frog when it's absolutely necessary). These gauntlets command my full attention (note aforementioned ripping) and I find I cannot knit when Stomper is awake so I am also knitting a Winnie Doll. I am knitting the doll so that I can work on some prototype clothing for her. I was going to go ahead and just knit clothing for the doll, but I can't be sure of my sizing if I have nothing to measure properly. 

This is what I have been reading over the past few days. A huge pile of magazines from the mid 80's.
These are just a few of the "gems" I found. I did find some actual patterns that I liked and would knit, but these few made me laugh.
The tenacity it must have took taken The time spend on these two blows my mind. I have done some color work but the stripes! I just stared and gawked at the zebra one. I don't think I have the stick-to-it-tive-ness to complete those stripes correctly. The chart for it was intense. 

This is the other thing I don't understand about this era of knitting. A knitted cardigan over a knitted sweater, sweater vest, or knitted shirt. Really? Who needs to wear all that knittedness all at once? It must have been so hot and heavy! 
Lastly the colors, big, bold, beautiful primary colors.
Most of the things in the magazine were knitted sweaters (which is why I don't buy magazines). I did see some cables and lace that I liked and if I was organized enough I might take out the stitch patterns that I liked, but I'm not that organized.


  1. Wow! That's all I can say about the patterns in those magazines.

  2. My mom occasionally pulls out magazines that old and asks me if she can knit something for my kids! I have to politely decline. I wonder if my daughters will say that about the patterns I have in my knitting mags in twenty years?!


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