Thursday, July 7, 2011

NY Week-end

This past week-end we took a trip with Grandma and Auntie Teeny to visit Aunt Nina, Uncle Stan, and some cousins. We left after Grandma got out of work and drove all through the night. Only Stomper slept. There was quite a bit of silliness in the car. Thankfully it only took us 9.5 hours and Stomper didn't seem to mind the trip. 
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 We spent some time doing one of our favorite things: play games. Amy introdcued us to Quelf which if you have never played you need to get a bunch of friends together and play this game! It is a riot. Is it not possible to play this game and not pee your pants from laughing! You get to act like a kid and a fool and do it with friends! We also played Scatagories and Phase 10, but mostly Quelf.

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On Satruday we did a little site seeing. First we went and checked out a lighthouse and had a picnic lunch. Amy had a hard time trying to send a text to her sister in AZ (we missed you AZ cousins!!) and I took some awful pictures of Stomper's cousins. When I looked back on my pictures I realized that I had been a little biased in who I photographed. That is I took pictures mostly of Stomper. Next time we all get together I need to remember to expand my photo taking horizon!

After the lighthouse we went to Alex Bay to play in the water, dip our toes in the St. Lawrence River, and look out over the Thousand Islands. The little cousins had a good time running around on the playground and Stomper got a kick out of watching them from the Ergo. The silly boy didn't sit straight though, he perfered to lean out over my shoulder to get a good view. Even when I turned sideways so that he could see them. 

In town Grandma bought Stomper a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes and off his noggin (no photos of it yet) and a small ice cream. No surprise here, but he loves ice cream! There is a really cute video of him eating the cone that I hope to put up in the next few days/weeks.

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Finally, after switching vehciles around, we headed to a wind farm to check it out. In the dark on the way in we had seen a few but we wanted to see them up close. Uncle Stan took us on a little cross country ride to Maple Valley Wind Farm. It is spectacular. Contrary to what we have been told, they aren't loud. They do hum rythmically, but I imagine that it would fade into the background. No less annoying than the fan on my PC, the AC unit in a window, or the furnace kicking on.

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Tupper Lake, Ausable Chasm, the ferry, and mountains

On the way home we hit a little bit of a snag. We were intending on taking the ferry in Essex, NY over to Charolette, VT. Somewhere after Lake Placid, NY we took a wrong turn and wound up in Plattsburg, NY instead. Thankfully there was a ferry there and we took that one across over to VT. Because of our misshap we got to see Ausable Chasm which is awesome. It is this super deep ravine and has awesome waterfalls. Unfortunately it cost money to get in and we were crunched for time. Owen had a major meltdown just as we crossed into Littleton, NH and we stopped at a quiet rest stop for some crawling and mulch (don't worry he didn't eat that much of it).

We are happy to be home and are settling back into our rythm!

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