Saturday, April 28, 2012

3KCBWDAY6 :: Improving Your Skillset

"In knitting, steeking is a shortcut used to knit garments such as sweaters in the round without interruption for openings or sleeves until the end. After completing a tube, a straight line is cut along the center of a column of stitches, in order to make room for an opening or place to attach another piece. The steek itself is a bridge of extra stitches, in which the cut is made, and is usually 6-10 stitches wide. This technique was developed by the knitters of the Shetland archipelago and is particularly associated with Fair Isle sweaters, although it can be used for solid colors as well." Wikipedia

I mentioned in my hero post that Mary Scott Huff is a steeker. Steeking just seems so smart to me. You knit this fabulous fair isle sweater in a giant tube and then get out your scissors and cut it carefully and make something useful. This way all those carefully knit strands of yarn stay nice and neat and you don't have to fiddle with intarsia and all those awful bobbins. Also, knitting in the round is my favorite way to knit, no purling!

I have also seen it used by Susan B Anderson to add in buttons to a sweater that didn't call for it after she had already knit it up. Brilliant!

In the coming year I would like to bite the bullet and take scissors to my knitting. I don't have a pattern picked out yet, but I think it would be smart to start with something small, maybe something for Stomper. Here are a few that I like for him: green, vest, and yoked. I wish Mary lived closer so I could go to one of her classes!

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