Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Country Delight

All winter long I wait patiently for my favorite rode side food shop to open up. They sell everything from pizza and burgers to soft and hard serve ice cream. The real treat for me is the Boondock Burger (see photo above). It is the best burger that I have ever had on the side of the road. We have tried to make it at home using the handy diagram they have on their window. We attempted to arrange the thousand island dressing, condiments, and veggies the way they did and we fail every time. Since we moved we no longer live five minutes from The Country Delight which will mean less frequent visits to get my favorite burger. I will just have to savor every bite. 

The Country Delight also offers music (some times live) on Cruise Nights (they are either Tuesday or Wednesday). Cruise Night, if you don't know, is when people drive their hot rods, antique cars, and motorcycles to one place to drool, boast, show-off, and talk. Occasionally we will go so the boys can look, but not usually because the crowd can get a little big.

The other big draw to the Delight is Tumble Down Hill. We happened to run into some farmer friends on the day we were there and Stomper had a good time watching the big boys roll down the hill. At first I think he thought they were falling. Mimi tried to show him how to roll, but that only confused him further. Instead he ran down the hill, and didn't fall!

We got a little shivery by the end of our ice cream, but I think it was totally worth it, and Stomper agrees!

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