Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chicks and Ducks

Previous Photos Courtesy of K.Sloma

On chick arrival day we called the feed store to see if they had arrived. We were told, yes the chicks had, but not the ducks. The ducks, they said, would arrive the next day. No big deal.We brought our little peeping box home, dipped their beaks in water (probably not necessary since they were all drinking water at the feed store), checked their vents, and then did a quick count. Wait, 1..2..3..14? we were missing one. No big deal, what's one chicken. 

The next day the feed store called to tell us that the ducks had arrived. But he was not a happy guy. Apparently where ever they got their ducks from took too long sending them and many had perished. However, the Peking's looked good. We picked up our four fluffy yellow Peking's and hoped for the best.

Three days later and we are in love! We have named two chicks one is "Twig" s/he had deformed feet. I went and checked some chicken forums and it seems that crooked feet is hereditary. As long as the chick is walking/running, eating, and not being pecked to death than all is well. Worse case scenario, we eat her. The other chick is "Piglet" and Little Sister said it will be the smallest, which ever on that turns out to be.

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