Monday, April 16, 2012

While Mama's Been Sick

While Mama's been sick there's been a slight change in the air. A shifting of seasons, a feeling of change, a glimpse of growth. There has been warm sun where there once was a chilly gray sky and there has been a shedding of layers.

Outside the signs of spring are every where. I took a moment from my sickness to get a little sun and fresh air. Jason took me on a little walk (I over did it of course and then had to take a nap) into the woods for a bit of squirrel hunting. I took the camera to get some pictures of growing things. It was so nice to get out into the pines, to smell the air, to feel the sun; I am so glad that winter has passed.

I noticed that a little boy keeps changing and growing too. He has been practicing jumping, making counting sounds, picking up musical tunes, learning to wash his hands like a big kid, learning to annoy the big kids less, he swings on the big kid swings holding on with his little hands like a pro, he's an expert with a spoon too this toddler of mine. 

He looks taller, older, wiser to me. He still loves people and thinks he's the most hilarious thing in the world, except now he doesn't like to be held. He eats everything, as long as he can feed himself. He had liver (just a taste) and onions with Papa and Grandma and several sips of goat milk yesterday; and then he begged for more. At church Jason noticed that he "reads" to himself turning the pages of the book thoughtfully. The dog is beginning to trust him too, now that he's a bit calmer around it. Where did this little boy come from, was it while I was sick?

He spent several over nights at Mimi and Bumpa's house so that we could sleep, so that I wouldn't worry about him feeling neglected. Is that when he grew up? Now that I am out of my sickness fog he seems different to me, it's like he slipped from being an infant to a full blown toddler while I was ill. Or maybe, it took his absence from my life for me to see it?

I am enjoying each snuggle that he allows, each kiss, each book, each tug for me to follow, each new taste, each excitement he shares with me because I know that before I can blink he'll be Mr. Independent and  he won't think he needs his Mama. I am savoring it as long as he lets me. 

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