Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eleanor Cardigan 2.0

I'm close to finishing the Eleanor Cardigan, not there yet, but close. I rewrote much of the pattern (which looks a lot like Evelyn I know) to make it easier to follow. I saw something from someone that said KISS--Keep It Simple Stupid so that is what I did. I do think I will change the edge and do a picked up edge rather than the one I have. In the lighter weight yarn (this yarn is sport) the Twisted Stitches (mock cable) is a little harder to see and I think I will add some space between the Twist and the Lace next time. Think that I will make a swatch though before I cast on. I am also going to buy some quality yarn at my LYS for the finished product.

I am proud to say that I figured out several sizes so far. 3, 6, 9, 12. That being said, the little model is almost 4 and she is wearing the 12 month size (it's a bit tight in the arms), which also fits a 12 month old (I tried it on a toddler) so there is quite a bit of give in the sport weight. I will probably adjust my sizes to be 3-6months, 6-12 moths, 2T with the sport weight because of the give of the finished sweater. I think that next time I will also knit it a little longer, maybe an inch.

Once finished the pattern will have two yarn choices: worsted or sport and two sleeve lengths/options. Plus photos of how to do the Twisted Stitch because I had to watch it on YouTube several times before I could figure it out.

I let the little girl pick out the buttons, the amount of buttons, and the thread to attach the buttons, because it is going home with her. She is very excited. 

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