Monday, April 23, 2012

3KCBWDAY1 :: Color Lovers

At the prompting of this post prompt I went into my stash of yarn and pulled out every ball of yarn I had bought. Not balls I had inherited, but actually went to the store and website to buy. This is what I found.

Most of the yarn was purchased for gifts. These neutrals were used to make a cow (ravelry page) for my son.

These were used to make various hats for various people. Some of the hats were used in trade to purchase a photography shoot for my son. What a great use of yarn!

These I use in toy making. The greens were used to make a turtle for a baby shower recently and another ball of the gray is on my needles being made into a teddy bear.

I realized that I don't buy yarn for me. Most yarn I buy I buy for a purpose. I usually have a pattern in mind or a person in mind and buy for them. In fact I can count on one hand the things I have made for me: a hat and a pair of mittens. 

Jan 2010
Although the cow I made for Stomper I really wanted to make, but it's not technically mine. The only bits of yarn in the basket for me are some from a kit to for a mystery KAL, that I haven't knit. It will be a hat (ravelry page) once I get around to knitting it.

This beautiful yarn was going to be a sweater, but I lost interest in it I think because I had an infant in the house. 

Instead I made this out of it (ravelry page) and I hope to make the second one this summer. I hope I don't forget and use up the scrap yarn to make the top.

I tend to naturally gravitate to earth tones of green, blue, brown, and gray with maybe a pop of pink tossed in. This summer I hope to knit myself a new hat and a Christmas sock, I think I will treat myself and buy fresh new yarn for it! 

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