Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yarn Along

 Finished the body of the sweater and a book.The book is WondLa and it is amazing. It's a children's book, maybe 5th grade level? It has lots of illustrations, but they aren't too distracting. I read it in three nights while my husband worked. I love young adult and children's fiction, it is so easy to pick up and put down.
And moved on to more books and some sleeves. My Little Sister suggested I try these books too. This week I'll be catching up on all my blogs because Stomper broke the cord to my Nook and I haven't read any blogs in over a week! I miss all my blogging buddies!
I am more than half way along with my test knit. I am enjoy the testing and the knitting, but the pattern only so-so. However, I've only made top down raglans so I have nothing to compare this sweater too. I love the way the cables look which is why I asked to do this knit. I will be suggesting this pattern to other knitters once the test is completed. The sweater is size 4, but I think I'll be having him wear it this winter. He'll be so sick of this sweater by the time he out grows it! When I first put it on him he was so excited. Usually I tell him, "Don't touch Mummy's knitting please." But this time I said, "Do you want to wear it?" He squealed in delight!

Joining Ginny and you should too!
Feel free to leave a link to your books and knitting!


  1. I really like reading kids' books too. Much faster reads and usually a nice break from the excessive details and descriptions that I think grown-up books fall into some times. Of course now I made a reading club with my 8yo for this summer, so I might be eating my words soon! :-)

  2. I prefer kids' books hands-down! The sweater looks great so far!


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