Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yarn Along

As you can see I'm almost done with the sweater! Since this photo I have knit 1/2 of the second sleeve and joined my third ball of yarn! Yahoo! I think my issue with this sweater is the sleeves, well it's always has been, its not how the pattern is written or how it looks, its picking up all those stitches! I think I want to knit a sweater where the sleeves are sewn on and compare the two. I do like seamless construction, but I don't like how the pick ups look. Maybe there's a technique I need to learn?

I am very excited about reaching the end of this sweater. I will work on my sisters and my fingerless gloves next. My sisters I will work on when I don't have too many kids awake and mine I can work on while there are kids awake!

I finished Dragon Slippers and I was going to buy the next two for my Nook, then I remembered my vow to read a classic so I will read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea next. I already started it and so far it's an easy read. My biggest issue with classics is that they are hard to read. I tried several times to read David Copperfield and never got very far or maybe I did finish it?

Joining Ginny and you should too! Feel free to leave a link to your WIP and Yarn Alongs!

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