Friday, June 10, 2011

No Pity

I was enjoying a bit of a pity party today as I swept the floor of all the numerous clumps of dog hair. Believe it or not, this pile here is only 36 hrs worth off of one floor - and it's not as big as the pile I took from the dining room. Disgusting I know, it grosses me out too.

Back to my pity party.

It's been a rough week. Jason worked his usual job Friday-Sunday (he's gone from 4:45am-7:25pm), his once a week job Monday night (4-9pm), training at his usual job on Tuesday (he was gone 7-5), usual job Weds & Thurs (4:45-7:25) PLUS an hour extra on Thursday for MORE training, and today he is getting some OT at his usual job and will be home with any luck by 5pm. Yesterday I worked at my Mom's daycare, which wasn't that hard or strenuous, but today I just feel thinned.

I was sweeping the floor wondering for the millionth time why I ever agreed to getting a black lab (I knew there would be hair, lots of it) I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I was sweeping and praying something like this: "O God, why do we have dogs, I don't like all this work. Why don't we have more money? Why don't we have a second car? O Lord, why is life so rough?" I'm sure God was rolling his eyes at me. Then I got to thinking about military wives who raise their kids on their own for years, I've only been with out a husband (sort of) for a week. Who am I to complain?

Then, still sweeping, (did I mention how I truly enjoy sweeping, it gives me time to think and pray) I started to find things I was thankful for, so here is my list:

  • 1 working, inspected, insured, registered vehicle that we all can fit in
  • We didn't crash the truck yesterday when the moose appeared out of the woods at Stomper's door
  • It isn't winter and so we don't have to pay for heat
  • Today is pay day
  • Family lives near-by and they like fetching me and bringing Stomper and I to their house
  • The dogs, while annoying, do provide entertainment and anecdotal material
  • I didn't get sprayed by a skunk this morning
  • It isn't winter
  • Stomper
  • 2 cats live outside and no longer provide their hair or messes to the general messiness of the house
  • I have a loving, caring, generous husband
  • It's summer
  • I have internet
  • I am healthy and so is Jason and Stomper
  • It rained on the garden yesterday 
  • There is no snow on the ground
  • Most importantly (so why is it last?) God will forgive my selfish prayer this morning.
What are you thankful for today?

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