Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Review - MommyCoddle

For the next few Mondays I am reviewing a few 
of my most favorite blogs.
These blogs inspire, encourage, entertain, 
and hold me in their thrall.
I recommend you brew some coffee or tea, 
or get a tall glass of water
because once to start reading, you won't want to stop.

MommyCoddle is written by Molly a: Stay at Home, home-schooler, seamstress, farmer, chef, toddler chaser, knitter, crafter, animal tender, Mom. She shares about homeschooling, recipes, glimpses of her childhood, adventures her daughters take, the little animal kingdom she maintains, and about farm life.

She writes on her blog: "But no matter what the topic I may be writing about, I hope you'll find a little inspiration, camaraderie and encouragement as I share honest bits of my every day life and capture it here, as a family field guide, of sorts."*

I find this to be true as she shares about some of her farming adventures. One of my favorites posts is titled "I Carried a Broom"  In the post she talks about foxes: "You'd think I'd be desensitized by now, but I seriously HATE the sound of these foxes. They send chills down my neck and make me want to revert back to my thunder-storm-panicked childhood with hands clamped over my ears and covers pulled up to my eyeballs. [...] So I did the only brave thing a farm girl could do. I woke up Dan." Later in the post she recalls the bravery of her mother, who chased something away in the night with a broom one night when she was a child, and then finishes with: "I like to think that if necessary, I could step up and have that kind of bravery. But for now, if Dan's available, I'll gladly default to him." 

This is one of my favorite posts because of the imagery she lends in her writing. I can imagine myself in bed listening to the fox and worrying about chickens and kittens. I can see myself waking up my husband to go see what was going on and how it would disrupt the rest of the nights sleep for everyone. I also know that I too could "Carry a Broom" when needed to protect my family.

Molly is a delightful writer and I often get lost for hours reading old posts (she's been writing on her blog for a long time!) as I get to know the cast of characters in her life.

Molly inspires me to slow down and enjoy the slow life; she encourages me to sit, pause, and watch my son play. She challenges me to be a more careful in the kitchen from the time where she decided to not go to the grocery store for a whole week. She has taught me that I can be Mom, Farmer, Knitter, Teacher, and Wife and do it all well (maybe not well every day, but most days). 

Recently I tried her Iced Tea for the Over 13 Crowd it was everything she said it would be: easy, refreshing, tasty, and it didn't heat up my kitchen during our hot week last week. 

I continue to read because her words jump off the "page" and hold my attention. Her posts are never dull and her photography always pops. Check her out when you have a few moments. Or, better yet, brew a cup of coffee or get a large glass of water, get comfortable and spend a little time with Molly.

*quotes and photos used with permission

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