Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Slow

Taking Things Slow 

I am enjoying life a little slower, returning to my "homebody" ways like I used to be before I was a nanny. Life as a nanny changed my views of child rearing. I became more education oriented not life oriented and always moving, always busy, always doing

When I stopped being a nanny and worked in the daycare I was concerned that the kiddo's were "behind" the other kids their age because they didn't know all their letters yet. I worked with them and they did know them (they forgot most of them over the summer though) by the end of my teaching time with them (we had to add babies to keep the daycare afloat and thus were too busy to teach). Not that they didn't enjoy learning or that I didn't enjoy teaching them, I just think they would have enjoyed just playing more.

I want my son, when he looks back on his childhood to remember lazy summers, enough time in his day to spend as much of it as he needed knee deep in a brook, so many family cookouts that they blend together, and his mother relaxed not harried. In the spirit of this I am slowing myself down to make it a habit before he is old enough to remember me needlessly over worked and harried. 

Visions of a Slower Pace

Jason actually used this to mow the little bit of lawn we have in front of our house. He is going to buy a file and some grease so it works a lot better. It did the job, but not with out some struggle.

Jason hung some more clothes line for me so that my slow drying is just a smidgen faster. It is so much easier to fold clothes off the clothes line then out of the dryer. With the dryer I think, hurry! On the clothes line I take my time, breathe the fresh air, listen to the birds, all while Stomper plays at my feet.

Iced Tea Concentrate: it will be ready tomorrow afternoon. I am really looking forward to mixing this up tomorrow. It is going to taste so good I just know it!
Check out Mommycoddle's post for the recipe. 

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