Friday, June 3, 2011

This Week

:: This week we have been growing ::

:: Growing to like new finger foods like beets, 
blueberries, cheerios, and toast
:: Growing out of three naps a day and into two
:: Growing stronger at standing

:: Growing new shoots in the ground ( sunflowers & peas )
:: Growing in knowledge as we read this book

:: Growing tooth #8, finally! { Although we can't see it yet his swollen gums 
are a surefire sign that it will be soon }
:: Growing in our canning ( I hope to make this on Saturday )
:: Growing too crafty in our crib, Papa had to lower it, so he wouldn't topple out
:: Growing faster at crawling

:: Growing tired of stockinette stitch and seed/moss stitch

~ * ~
I would love to hear how your week went.
Post your own weeks review on your blog
and leave a link to it in the comments
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1 comment:

  1. So much has been going on, that must have been a busy week for you! Isn't it amazing how much happens for these little ones in such a short space of time..
    Have a lovely weekend


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