Thursday, August 9, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Sick Day

I recently saw this woman's blog who decided that she be intentional about taking photos of her with her children. She didn't want them to look back at photos when they were grown and not see her with them. With that in mind I am going to try and take photos of Stomper and I together, even if they aren't amazing. I am going to try at least once a month to join her in "Embrace the Camera".

“Sick Day”

Tuesday night you were up from 9pm-1130pm fussing and crying. Papa tried snuggling with you in bed, but you didn't lay still. At 10 o'clock I took you downstairs to read for twenty minutes because you were so worked up. You snuggled with me in bed for about an hour before I laid you down in your own bed. All night you fussed off and on, and I worried that your tummy hurt from constipation.

On Wednesday morning you woke up late. We ate breakfast together and you put your breakfast in your curls. I looked at you with cheerios in you hair and I said, “That's it, I'm cutting it.” I buzzed all your curls off for the second time. I wondered as the curls fell to the floor if you'd always have curls, or if you would grow out of them.

I dressed you and let you outside where Grand-Ma-Ma and the daycare kids were playing. I took my shower, started the crock pot, and then went out to play with you.

As I opened the door Grand-Ma-Ma called out to me, “He has spots on his feet and hands.”

"Oh, no." I scooped you up and brought you inside to look you over. You had spots on your hands, feet, legs, and on your chin. "Looks like Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease."

Grand-Ma-Ma and I looked it up on the computer and confirmed our suspicions. You had HFMD, but you'd be fine in a few days. I gave you a Popsicle to cool down your hands and mouth and put you in front of your favorite TV show "Fresh Beat Band".

We spent the morning snuggling, watching TV, drinking Ovaltine, and reading books. After lunch you took a four hour nap and when you woke up you were feeling much better. You were more like yourself, even wrestling with me, and being your goofy self.

I am not happy that you were sick, but I am thankful that I was able to be with you all day long.

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