Friday, August 24, 2012


::Compiling:: knowledge on pinterest on DIY projects for making t-shirts for Stomper for his second birthday (I can't believe it!)
::Wondering:: if anyone has an exacto knife and cutting board they aren't using that I can borrow
::Wishing:: the NY and AZ cousins lived in Maine

::Welcoming:: my sister back from her Vacation (finally!)

::Wondering:: where the gardening time went
::Enjoying:: the fruits of our labor

::Finishing:: a girlie knit for YOP
::Thinking:: I should revisit my Evelyn pattern and improve it
::Settling:: meat rabbits into their new home
::Dreaming:: of slow cooked, fall off the bone, yummy, delicious, rabbit meat.

::Finishing:: our Challenge at daycare

::Making:: a train city while the grass is still wet in the morning.

::Noticing:: a slight change of weather.
::Planning:: on canning some pickles this week-end
::Thanking:: an Auntie for taking Stomper over-night so we can focus on canning
::Eating:: pears even though they are just a bit hard

::Wondering:: what you have been up to or what you are planning....


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  2. Enjoying this time of the year that I like so much. The end of the summer and the beginning of a new year makes me planning a lot of things.


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