Monday, August 27, 2012

Project Report

To Do:

  1. Finish sweater by adding buttons
  2. Finish hat by weaving in ends
  3. Stop knitting "scarf/cowl" mystery
  4. Cast on for gloves
  5. Finish gloves
  6. Cast on Flannel Hat for Stompers Christmas

Been a little crazy at work, but the kids will be in school soon so there will be more time for knitting!

I hope you all did better than me this past week!


  1. I have weave in hat ends on my list also! Flannel hat... ? is it a flannel fiber? That is the cutest pic..makes me giggle.. "carseat mittens"

  2. no, to look like the flannel shirts my dad wears, you can see a picture on the left it says Hunters Hat

  3. Some weeks are just like that. School starts here on Thursday, and I have a very unhappy boy. Summer is always a bit too short for him! *smiles*

  4. Stop knitting is on your to do list? If you can manage that, you have more willpower than me!


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