Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Report

I feel a little lost since finishing the gauntlets. Yes, you read that, finished. It feels so funny having that weight lifted off my shoulders, that "Big Project" gone. I think I will start on my shawlette (maybe this one?) as soon as I can work some new yarn into the budget.

[There is a full post with a back story and visuals HERE! If she ever comes back from vacation (feels like she's been gone for a year) I will take a picture of her wearing them. Until then, here is a picture of me wearing the newest one.]

In the mean time I have started a pair of socks! I am using Susan B Anderson's pattern found on her blog and ravelry. I am using size 2dpn's so it will be a little wider and because I am too cheap to go out and by size 1's at the moment. I do feel a pair of size 1's in my future as sock knitting seems a lot less harder than the first few times. 

My first pair of socks I knit were giant sized. Hubby uses them still. I knit them out of acrylic with the needles I owned. Those first pair were knit before I understood the importance of gauge. They are loose around the top and about an inch too long. He wears them during hunting season over his socks. I will say this about them, when they stay on, they are cozy.

The pair I am making is not the pair he wants, so I will be knitting a second pair. He wants a pair of wool ones to wear hunting. In fact I may end up giving the socks I am making to my FIL as he is always bugging me for a pair. 

I am further along than in the photo. I am nearing the toe and I'm looking forward to starting the second one! They are going faster than I thought they would with such small yarn. I have never worked with sock yarn, it is not as bad as I feared. 

I am using bamboo needles, the same I used for the gauntlets, but the yarn is not sliding well. I looked it up on the 'net and I learned that using the needles oils them. I just finished using them, they ought to be nice and oiled, so why don't the slide? I read further that bamboo doesn't slide well, but sticks, and to use wax paper to smooth them. I did that too and it helped. I also learned that bamboo is susceptible to weather changes like humidity, such as we are having now. All this leads me to conclude that maybe bamboo isn't for me and knitting socks. Which then leads me to a question: Do you have a favorite sock dpn? I am in the market for a pair apparently.

The yarn for my photography teachers mittens have arrived. I'm not sure what to knit. I feel a bit of a conundrum. (check out my pinterest board to see my examples). She wants a mitten that will be warm in the winter (we live in Western Maine), but one that will also allow her to take photos. She first asked for this one (the iMitt), which I purchased, but then she thought that maybe she'd like to have all her fingers available. Then she requested the ability to use her thumbs. Here is my issue: the thumb flap always seems awkward to me, and the flip over for the fingers doesn't seem like it will stay put. What if she wants to throw a snowball at her kids, but the mitten flap won't stay put and her fingers get cold? do you have any ideas or assurances? Anyone have any experience with any mittens with the flap?

I updated the list to reflect my current finishes

Six ornaments for Stompers Advent Calendar:

  1. Christmas Sweater done!
  2. Christmas Stocking
  3. Candy Cane
  4. Christmas Bell
  5. Tinsel
  6. Christmas Ball

Something from the book The Expectant Knitter

Finish a bear I started from the Nursery Baby Doll pattern done!

A pair of socks for the hubby that will actually fit him - started

Something Girlie -- possibly something out of The Expectant Knitter


  1. I am determined to knit at least one pair of socks this year but have to admit I am leaning more towards top up and two at a time.

  2. First: AWESOME gauntlets.

    Second: I mostly magic loop on metal needles for socks, but when I need wooden DPNs I lean toward Dreamz for wood. The Dreamz are slidey and pointy, so if I'm using wood I love them because they basically act like metal... I've also used square needles, which I love, but the Kollage ones are blunt which I don't appreciate in a sock needle.

    My first pair of socks were also gigantic-- Dad wears them over several pairs of socks inside fishing waders.

    Third: Magnetic closures for mitten flip-tops are magical.

  3. In all things needle, I am a HiyaHiya stainless steel fan, especially the new Sharps line. I don't use DPNs often, I prefer their short circulars, but either way, HH is my have! They are inexpensive, to boot!

  4. Well done on getting the gauntlets done and great looking sock. As for DPNS which are my favourite way to knit socks I use and just love my Knit Pro Symfonie Wood ones and I just love them, but then I said that already didn't I. I love them so much I now have needles in various sizes in them as I've built them up over time.

  5. I really love DPN's, I don't find magic loop practical. My first pair was metal. Pros: slides well. sometimes a little too well, especially when working with five DPN's. Practically indestructable. Cons: not airport-proof. Can be a bit noisy (clicking and squeaking).
    My second pair is bamboo. Pros: no sqeaking, not too much sliding either (again, this can be good or bad) Cons: can be rather fragile.

    My first try at socks also resulted in a huge sock. So huge I never made its friend ;)

  6. I know that after some use, I started having terrible problems knitting socks on bamboo needles--several of the tips went very blunt, and I was working on lace. . . It was really frustrating after a while; so much so that I switched back to metal needles, which I used to hate.

    I think my preferences are switching back as I get more knitting experience.

    Anyway, I think this may be a case where you have a set of bamboo and metal, and see how individual patterns and yarns work on each. . . I bet there's a time and place for each kind. ;)

  7. I have never been comfortable with wood needles, and probably because mine are all handy me down, loving been used and very dull...I can't pick up a stitch nor does the yarn move well....I appreciate all the info you posted here!

  8. Great gauntlets! Wooden needles are my needle of choice. BUt with sock knitting I always got to the metal. I need the sharper point.

  9. Great gauntlets, they look lovely, and the sock looks great too. I use knit pro metal needles by knit picks, which are incredible and you can get in a set of different sizes, and I love them

  10. Socks are on my todo list. I love the yarn for the socks you are currently working up. I find that bamboo sticks too when working but that beeswax helps it along. I love your gauntlets they look so difficult though.

  11. I ADORE the gauntlets, what a beautiful story behind them too. The sock yarn looks like blue skies, perfect! Definitely keep them for yourself :)


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