Monday, August 6, 2012

Blueberry Festival

Every year our hometown puts on a festival called "The Blueberry Festival" it starts on Friday with lots of blueberry themed foods, historical things, kids fun day, yard sales, food, and kids fun day. It ends with a bang with fireworks on the lake. We always have a good time and invite plenty of friends and family to enjoy it with us. I have far too many photos to share with you, so this is the short version.

Friday Night Jason fried a turkey and one of the chickens we raised for supper. No outdoor meal is complete with out S'mores so we had a few.

Saturday we went to the parade with the rest of the town. Our buddy who is three weeks older than Stomper came and walked around with us.

Saturday Night, after a long nap, we went to the park to watch the fireworks. When reading in the shade wasn't enough to keep us cool I took the poor little guy to the lake. Papa stood on shore and took photos.

I had fun all week-end playing with a slow shutter speed. And everyone obliged by doing cool things in the dark.

I am making a facebook album available if you want to look at more week-end photos.

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