Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project Report

Little Sister came home on Friday!! I wrapped the gauntlets up by putting them on my son and he walked out to her saying "Tee-Tee, see, nee-ning" (I will attempt to translate for you: "Auntie Teeny, see how awesome my Mom is she knitted these amazing gauntlets for you to enjoy.") She put them on and said they were nice and warm. Today she told me that she can wear them while drawing, which is a bonus in our chilly farm house.

I finished the first sock. I keep telling Jason that they are for his Dad, and he keeps not believing me. The socks are roomy on me and too long so they should fit a man just fine. My fingers need a break from tiny needles so I have moved on to some baby shower knitting, before I am invited to the shower.

Since my book "The Expectant Knitter" has gone MIA I had to find a new pattern for my "something girlie". I found Abagail Sweater when I searched: free, girl, sweater, baby, sport yarn on Rav. It knit up in a cinch. It still needs a few buttons. I worked on my crocheting skills by going around the outside edge and I didn't do too bad. I even chained a few (I think that's the correct term) to make a loop for a button. I think I have some buttons around, but I'm not sure if I should do something subtle that will match a lot of outfits or not. Thoughts? Last night I started a hat to match the lace pattern (pattern found here). All this sweater knitting has made me think about my own sweater pattern that I've been working on. I have one up for free, but I don't love it. I think after Christmas I will be re-visiting it and to make sure that I do I am adding it to my list.

Last night while I was contemplating knitting a hat to match the sweater I cast on a swatch to knit my son a hat for Christmas. The pattern is my own. It needs to be officially test knit so I am revisiting it to get the yarn yardage right and to knit it with quality yarn to see if anything changes with the sizing. I haven't done much color-work in awhile which is evident by the puckering in this swatch. After I knit one for him I will knit one for me using Cascade 220, which I am told most knitters use. I have only recently stepped out of acrylic and cotton to try wool and other wool blends. It is definitely different, but I am not sure which I prefer. I think they both have their places and uses.

Thank you so much everyone for your feed back about sock knitting needles. I think I will go to my LYS and buy whatever is on their shelf for metal. I saw some square ones which intrigue me so that is what I probably will get. The bamboo ones did seem to work a little better towards the end of the sock. Maybe the silk sapped the oils out but the wool and aloe in the socks put it back in? Not sure.

Once I finish the baby hat I will be starting the mittens for my teacher. I'm not going to post photos until after I have sent it to her, just in case she stumbles across my blog.

Happy Knitting, and Thanks for the Encouragement!


  1. Seems like a very successful week! Little sister's gauntlets look great. The not-for-Jason socks also look very good - love the stripes! And what an utterly darling little baby jacket!

    Best to be careful about posting surprises. Last year my brother guessed that he was getting a Harry Potter scarf as soon as he saw the yarn colours :(

  2. Glad little sister loves her gauntlets they are fab looking. The sock came out great and I love the little baby sweater. As for buttons perhaps a dark purple or for something different a pink, apricot or lemon to contrast, or even just white.

  3. Yay! The gauntlets are great, and I love that little sis can use them while drawing.

  4. Lucky sister--what a gift of love she has been given! I love the little baby dress. We have lots of pregnant ladies at work, and now that we knitters there have been found out, there is a bit of an expectation each time there is a shower. I am always looking for affording, practical and quick pattern ideas for those times--
    *smiles & cheers*

  5. Wow - you had a VERY productive week. Love the gauntlets and everything else is just amazing (especially the baby sweater)

  6. I have read up on the square needles as some are advertised tobe better for those of us that knit with arthritis...well, there are no scientific studies..just "opinion" I may try them...please post if you do try them..

    I'm also beginning to look for yarns outside of cotton..I'm trying out some plant fibers now..

    1. The gauntlet gloves look pretty cool, am not surprised your sister loves them. I'm not a sock knitter, but I did just buy some metal circular knitting needles. And I love them. My guess is metal sock dpns would knit lovely too.

  7. The gauntlets are great and so glad your sister liked them :)

    The cardigan is gorgeous :)

  8. The gauntlets look great! The baby sweater is adorable! I look forward to seeing the hat that will go with it.

  9. The gauntlets look great, glad your sitter liked them. And that baby sweater is very cute, I would go with subtle purple pearl buttons if it was me. And I love the sock, the colours are great!

  10. Love the lavender sweater and the swatch looks really good.

  11. Everything looks fabulous. The sweater is yummy, the armwarms have such a neat texture.


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