Thursday, August 23, 2012


Cousins came for a visit over the week-end.
Why are week-ends so short?
They came on Sunday and left on Tuesday, this is what we did..

Tackled Stompers Papa and tickled him almost to death.

Snuggled by the fire.

Discovered the Dress-up Box.

Did Chores.

My Mom's Sister and My Mom's Sister's Daughter
Relaxed in the sun.

Played "Ticket to Ride".

Loved on the pets

Loved on each other.

Thought the world was going to end. When did this happen? All this texting?

The cousins live in NY, maybe you remember them from last year?
I wish that families could live a little closer, but I am glad for visits no matter how short.
Maybe, just maybe, we can go see them next year!

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