Thursday, August 15, 2013

Christmas List

Seems like I am perpetually knitting for Christmas. I have been trying to knit with more goals and purpose this past year (which is why last year I joined the Year of Projects crew) and it has definately given me more focus.

6 Dish Basic Cloths
A vest for Stomper
Maybe start a vest for Jason
2 Owl Hats one for me and one for Jason
2 pairs of Fingerless Gloves  I'm not quite settled on the pattern(s) yet
mittens for Stomper
Socks for Stomper and maybe Bumpa

Here is what I have knit so far:

2 Ribbed Hats using my favorite ribbed hat pattern.

2 Dish Cloths - no pattern just plain garter stitch. The orange one is t-shirt yarn and the red(ish) one is cotton

1 Hedgehog/Squirrel (Rav Page)

For some ideas of fun things to make check out last years DIY Christmas List. I am working on some really cool ideas for this coming year. I hope people like what I come up with!

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