Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gobble, gobble

The turkeys are growing and growing. They are getting huge. The last time we weighed them, about a week ago, they were around fifteen pounds. They have been eating a steady diet of store grain, bread, bugs, grass, and scraps from the table. Recently we picked up a bunch of dropped apples and they have been devouring them like candy.

Most of our nine turkeys are spoken for. It has really been exciting for us to see how many people are enthusiastic about farm raised poultry. Next year we hope to offer turkeys fed with GMO free grain. They will not be 100% GMO free as we feed them bread that we receive from the cast offs from the food pantry and scraps from our own table. We will also need to look into if we need give them any supplements which probably won't be GMO free. But, it's a start!

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