Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I added a new Sponsor.

In the beginning of November I decided to give a few of my friends some ad space for the products they make and sell.

I recently added my SIL, Daniele, who sells Thirty-One Products.

I am in love with Thirty-One's line of purses and bags. I use my Large Utility Tote (LUT). All. The. Time. No exaggeration. Over Christmas we used our Utility Totes (three of them) to gather our Christmas gifts when it came time to open them. Stomper has his own with his name on it and he uses it when he visits Mimi's house. I take it to the library, to church, basically any time I leave the house. You can read about my love affair with the LUT in my blog post.

Take a moment and check out what she has to sell.

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