Monday, January 27, 2014

Around Here

I apologize for the lack of photos. My camera is temperamental, apparently its not good to drop it! If it gets sunnier I may be able to take a few nice ones.

Stomper is nearly potty trained. It's only been a couple of weeks, but he is doing really well. We have to remind him to use the potty and a few times he's taken himself. It's a relief to not buy diapers for him anymore. About a year ago when he grew out of the large size gDiapers we made the decision to not buy the next size up. I wish we had, I thought he'd be trained before now. Live and learn. Our method to potty train is to not: not push, not demand, no coerce, and not force him. 

We keep reminding him that he's a big boy and big boys use the potty. When he tells us he wants to be a baby I remind him of all the things that Our Sweetie can't do because she's a baby. He usually changes his mind rather quickly. I've always maintained that it is better to wait for the child to be ready. Recently someone told me there is a window when they are toddlers that you can train them easily, or wait until they are nearly 4. Since he's strong willed, I think waiting was the best for him. So far, so good!

Our Sweetie is just that, a sweetie. She is such a charmer! She smiles at everyone and we are beginning to coax out a chuckle or two. She is healthy and strong, and continues to amaze us. We are still uncertain of her future. We continue to pray that God prepares us to not fight His plans. God works all things for good. Not for our comfort. Whatever the plan is, He will be glorified in it. 

Stomper is handling being a big brother a little better. We have our good days and our bad days. Some days I feel like I'm really nailing this parenting thing and other days I am an utter failure. My husband assures me that I am a wonderful mother, I fail to see it on our bad days. I know what the problem often is, me, my selfishness; the technology I allow to get between me and my children; and all the little things I keep "busy" with. 

I recently read a post by Hands Free Mama that has encouraged me to chant a mantra: "He's only three. He's only three. Take a breath, he's only three." and to not use the computer for more than a radio. I am finding it hard to disconnect. I want some "down time" and a "free moment" to just focus on me. They won't be little for long though, will they, and then I'll have too much time with out them.

With that in mind, my posts may become more infrequent than they already are, but I'll try and post when I can


  1. I'm still working on potty training with Little Man. If he's naked, he'll usually go on his own...last night was an exception when he peed on his favorite blanket and then he peed in our bed. ::sigh:: I know he won't go to kindergarten in diapers but I haven't found his trigger for going all the time, either.

    1. My advice would be to relax. He'll get it. And you are right, kindergartners are potty trained, he'll get there! (At least that's what I've been chanting this last year!) :)


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