Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yarn Along

~Two of my favorite things: knitting and reading. What have you been knitting and reading lately?~ Join us with Ginny and leave a link here too!

My Camera is terrible. I hate to even show you the following photos, but I feel that I need to show you some proof that I've been knitting!

On the reading front I read All Wound Up. It was a collection of short essay style works of the Yarn Harlot. Some were funny and some were serious and most had yarn in them. It was an enjoyable read and a good one to have since I had limited time to read.

I started, but didn't finish, Allegiant. The third in the Divergent series. I had high hopes for this book since the first two were so good that I stayed up far too late reading them, but it didn't go the way I had been expecting. That is to say I don't like where the author took the characters. I will probably go back and finish it, later. There were people waiting for it at the library so I returned it.

I picked up the Maze Runner. Oh. My. Word. I couldn't put it down! It is so awesome. It is full of mystery and danger. I am so happy that dystopia's are all the rage right now. It is my favorite thing to read, we all know the world has gone bad. Humanity is not what it ought to be, but at least it is not as bad as some of the worlds authors like Roth, Dashner, Mieville, and Collins come up with!

Right now I'm reading Forever Odd. It is the second "Odd" book I've read. I really liked the main character in the first book, and he is not disappointing in this book. 

Now for knitting. Off the needles is a little dress I knitted for Our Sweetie. I knit this up last year for my cousins baby, but ran out of time and couldn't finish the collar and sleeves (it looked cute regardless). I didn't read the ball label and what I thought was a sport weight was in actuality a worsted, so the dress is large. Better too big than too small, she'll just be able to wear it until fall!

I just finished triangle 6 of 17 on my shawl. This is a fun construction and it can be picked up and put down easy in between projects since after each triangle it comes off the needles. Also on the needles is a hat for my brother and just on the needles yesterday is a pair of slippers for Stomper. I let Stomper pick the yarn and he picked two yellows from Grammie Winnie's Secret Stash. I think it's kind of special that he choose those two yarns. 



  1. I love that little baby dress - it's adorable!

  2. love love the baby dress ! the picot edging is adorable :) You've been quite the busy crafter :)


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