Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

I've been away from technology for awhile, which is why there hasn't been a new post. Having an infant re-prioritizes "free" time. Plus, with Christmas knitting needing to be accomplished I choose to use my time by knitting. 

I am going to toot my own horn here for a moment. This is the first year that I managed to knit an astonishing: 4 ribbed hats, 5 fingerless mittens, 3 stuffed animals of various sizes, one pair of mittens, one pair of slippers for the hubby, a fluffy cowl (and another needing to be kitchenered), my Christmas Stocking, and 2 coffee mug cozy's. To be fair, I started my Christmas knitting in January, but the bulk of the knitting I started around October. (pattern links at the bottom of post)

We went to ten Christmas events including a concert, gift swaps, and get-togethers. We technically have one more Christmas event to attend, but it's being wrapped up into a "Pie-Party" at my MIL's so I'm not sure that it counts. Stomper, Our Sweetie, and the two teens we borrow from time-to-time did great at the events they attended. Everyone was as behaved as they possibly could be. I am a proud Mama.

The weather here has been terrible and beautiful. The temperature has plummeted to well below zero for the night and morning more times than I care to count. We have tons of snow. More snow than we have had in a few years. It's nice to have that much snow, but we've all been stuck inside since just after Christmas due to freezing rain and bitter temperatures. My mother heard or read that when it gets this cold that exposed skin freezes in 15mins! I am looking forward to a sunny day to take Stomper out to romp in the snow.

After Christmas we went to Weld to spend time with family and friends at a Mountain Retreat center (like last year). It was great to get away from everything and just hang out. The kids went sledding (not Stomper, 20 mph down the road on a sled is too fast for him!) and had a blast. Amazingly no major injuries. I was telling tales of sledding from my childhood at being clocked at doing 30 mph down the trail and a Mom asked me: "Do people get hurt often?" I assured her that mostly minor bumps and bruises, but no concussions. I worried that by saying that I jinxed us, but the most major injury was from a sprained knee. 

Here is the list of the things I knit off raverly. Some of them don't have pictures, because I wrapped them. The only items I wouldn't knit again is the Hedgehog/Squirrel -- I regret not making it into two animals and the Star Mittens because the chart for the stars is missing on the pattern and I had to make it up myself. Other than that all the patterns were well written and easy to follow.

Fingerless Gloves -used this pattern, but didn't put on fingers.
Baby Bunny but made to look like a Puppy per Stompers orders (it was given to Our Sweetie)


  1. It sounds like you had a perfect Christmas holiday. I'm impressed with the number of knitting projects you completed, and particularly like that knitted Christmas stocking ... nice stitch pattern. Happy New Year! Wendy x

  2. We had an awesome Christmas! I knit the stocking in that stitch because I knew I'd never wear a pair of socks that looked like that, as much as I loved the stitch pattern!


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