Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knitting in the New Year

I don't usually make resolutions. This year, after promising a few knitted things in the that past 18 months, I thought it was time to make a Knitting Resolution.

To my brother I just recently promised him a hat. I'm thinking I'll be making just a basic ribbed hat, unless he likes Quest more. He has a rather large head so I'm leaning more towards the rib, it is more forgiving with sizing.

Last year, for her birthday, I promised my SIL I'd knit her one accessory. She choose these basic fingerless gloves and since her birthday is coming up I'd like to get them done sooner than later.

Early in 2013 I told my sister and mom that I would make them each a hood, since neither really like wearing hats in the winter time I even went so far as to buy the yarn, but I didn't buy enough and I used it up in other projects. Now I will need to re-buy yarn (darn!) so that I can make them!

For Easter, I want to knit Stomper and Our Sweetie matching vests or sweaters (Thistle or Milo) because I'm crazy like that.

My aunt gave me a bunch of bulky yarn and I am looking forward to turning it into Centripetal.

I wanted to make my niece a sweater for Christmas, but forgot about it until November. I am hoping that if I plan my time wisely I can have it done no later than fall so she can wear it to school next year.

Finally my husband requested a balaclava and I think I found a pattern that will fit his needs called Antifreeze, perhaps I can finish it before he needs to wear it this hunting season.

Not sure what that means for my Christmas knitting. Last year I started in January. With a list the size of my queue not sure if I will get to any pre-October Christmas knitting. 

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