Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Babies

Here is two of our five "babies". The kitten is named Cali and the pomeranian is Vinne. We cut him short in the summer so that he doens't over heat, and the fur is easier to maintain. I plan on taking some pictures of our other three babies sometime soon. I want to get one of Izzy jumping into the pond. She is very funny. The picture of Cali and Vinnie was taken this week-end. Jason found them both locked in the bathroom, which is odd since Vinnie is not allowed in the bathroom. For some reason Cali perfers to lay on the damp bathmat than anywhere else in the bathroom. Animals can be so wierd sometimes! I just went looking through my pictures and I found one of Izzy. She's laying down so you can't really see her true length. I really don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to get a black lab! Cali is so funny with the dogs. She loves to play with Izzy's tail and she pounces on Vinnie when she gets bored of chasing fluff and shadows across the kitchen floor. Vinnie and Izzy also like to play tug and chase, in the house. It is a minor miracle that they don't destory everything in our apartment!

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