Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is Something Fun To Do

Last night as church was wrapping up (we were busy doing the Baptist Blab) I began to get a pain at the top of my stomach. I didn't think too much of it since I had just finished drinking a liter of water in like an hour I figured I just overfilled my tummy a bit.

I got home to my hubby and my tummy was not any better. It hurt to have it touched. I was belching a bit, but even that did little to relieve the pressure. Laying down hurt the most, sitting was bearable, and standing felt all right, but no matter what I did nothing eased the pain. I went online and rechecked all the side effects to my meds and came up blank so I figured it was just something I needed to ride out. At about quarter to ten the pain disappeared for about two minutes and I laid down with my hubby to watch TV.

No sooner had I relaxed then the pain came back two fold and this time on both sides of my stomach and my stomach (but lower). I couldn't stand the pain, I was almost in tears. It was the most pain I had ever experienced in my life. I had Jason call poison control because I had taken one of my many meds only 3hrs apart. However, poison control said my pain was unrelated to the drugs. That was when I got scared. Jason quickly changed out of his PJ's and said: "Get your shoes on."

We now know that we can make it to the hospital in less than 5mins! Which is good to know for when we get pregnant. While were filling out paper work at the hospital the pain dissipated and I was fine. We contemplated leaving, but thought it best to wait and find out what had happened.

The Dr. told us that it was probably nothing serious, but he wanted to do some tests just in case. After blood work and x-rays he announced gastricitist or possibly an ulcer. Fun.

But here is the thing that kills me. He gave me 3 more prescriptions! Like I needed the hassle. And two of them I can't take at the same time as my Metformin. Thankfully it's only for a week. If any symptoms return I'm to call my doctor.

Tonight I will be looking up the two conditions online, because it doesn't make much sense to me to have had the pain all of a sudden with out any previous symptoms! Ugh!

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