Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Sad

Jason just informed me this week that we may have an opportunity to buy a house in about a year (maybe less maybe more).

His great aunt is dying of cancer and she has not been given a good prognosis. She could have anywhere from 6months to a year. She does not have a formal will (I don't think) but she has told her power of attorney (Jason's Mom) that she wants Jason's Mom and Aunt to have the house to split the profit. However, they would sell it to us at what she owes on it.

It's a trailer with two additions, and from what I've been told a high end trailer (it has a good sized bathroom, tiled kitchen floors, and a fireplace in the living area) and one of the additions is a garage (perhaps two bays?).

Hopefully great aunt Judy has several years left in her and Jason and I will have to buy a house some place else. But if not this is going to be a good move for us. Not a final move to be certain, but a move up from 500 square feet!

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