Monday, October 13, 2008

Flea on Lee

Jason came with me to Boston (to work one of the last two times that I have to go down to pay off the car!!). It was so much fun having him there with me. We took the kids to the Museum of Science, we saw only the barest of fractions of the museum. The kids were cranky for several reasons: 1. They get up a 6am in the morning 2. I got "turned around" on the way there and it took close to an hour to get there instead of 1/2 an hour max (G fell asleep, lucky bum) 3. We got there late so the other two were tired and hungry 4. They were hungry 5. They were tired. We did have a good time. Jason says we can take our kids there too so the experience wasn't too bad for him. I asked him that after working the week-end with me if he felt more ready for parenthood. He answered with (and I'm paraphrasing): "Darling, I have never been nor will I ever be ready to be a parent, but I still want to be one." So I would say that he weathered the storm well. I don't have to go down again until the first part of December and then I will be done. I think that in the spring (as long as I'm not super preggo) I will go down again if she needs me. The money is good and easy to make.

As to the Flea on Lee. We saw signs in Boston that said "Flea on Lee". We didn't go but apparently it had already been here. I found a flea on Vinnie today, yuck. So that meant Front Line for everyone. $123 I think we're good! Sometimes it does not pay to have so many animals and to not buy stuff on-line. I have learned my lesson! I will be buying it on-line where it is a FRACTION of the price!

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