Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Sad Still

Jason's Aunt Judy isn't doing good. His mom suspects that Aunt Judy didn't tell us the full scope of her cancer and it is worse than his aunt is letting on. She was admitted into the hospital on Thursday because her white blood cell count was dangerously low, like she had 5-10% of the count that she is supposed to have. She's going home on Tuesday.

In the back of J and my minds is a happy sad thought that when Aunt Judy goes, we might be able to have a larger place at a small price. I feel so evil thinking this way. Not that I want her to die, I just feel so cramped in this tiny place.

I was watching "Top 10 Kitchens" on HGTV and there are people out there with kitchens BIGGER than my apartment (including my kitchen) that is just crazy.

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