Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Shrug That Kept Going ..

Mom's shrug is coming along. I am so close that I can taste it! I seriously only have a few inches left! I think I will hyper focus on it this week, after I finish stitching up some surprises for my cousins! 
Here are my notes from Raverly. I hope to post the pattern this week-end

"My Mom asked for a shawl with sleeves that she could easily take off and on. The block pattern in the main body of the shrug could be modified to any knit/purl pattern or a lace pattern.

I have run out of yarn for the moment. I hope to buy some this week-end so that I can get back on it! 

Bought yarn and I’m back to pecking away at it. It gets a little boring.

I am nearing the end. I am not enjoying knitting this, it’s so boring, there’s no challenge. I am looking forward to the finished product. Hope to be done this month!


Looks like I will accomplish my goal! I have two inches left to knit and then a little bit of sewing!"

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