Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gathering Items

I have been busy collecting items for our future Foster Children.
Mostly I have been collecting baby items.

I have only spent $90.00
We have:

  • highchair
  • stroller/carseat combo
  • most of a wardrobe for a girl from the ages 0 - 6
  • all of a wardrobe for a girl from the ages 6-18 months
  • crib (no mattress)
  • bassinet
  • johnny jump-up
  • seat for in the tub

Most of the things are handy me downs. The things that Jason and I purchased were the furniture.

My Mom said to me: "I wonder if this means that you're going to get a baby girl?"
I said: "I feel bad for the baby boy if that is what we get."

Boy or girl we will love them!

I am selling some of my knitted things (Delia's Knitted Things) in hopes to get enough money to buy an Ergo Baby Carrier. I like the carrier over a sling or other back pack because of the way that it protects a babies hips. Also it is easier to have a grandparent use than the sling. I may still get a sling to try it out, we'll see.

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