Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A lot of people have been asking me how things are going with the Foster Parenting and so here it is.

We have completed our class work (24 hours worth) and completed our homework. I hope to pop the homework in the mail tomorrow.

We have completed our Home Study (which is incorrectly named) and the Fire Marshal has visited the house.

Left to do:

  • Install two egress windows (one in each bedroom)
  • Install hard wired fire alarms (four of them)
  • fix the handrail 
  • create a handrail
  • get finger printed

If everything goes smoothly I think we should have a little one by mid-October.
The Home Study lady told us that infants are few and far between but I don't believe her. We are going to start with infants and work our way up to older kids (at least that is the plan for now).

About Adoption:
Should we take in a child/infant that becomes available for adoption we have the choice to go ahead and adopt. Or (if we decide to go this route) we can look through their book of available children and start the process that way. For now we are just going to do Fostering and see where it leads.

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