Friday, August 27, 2010

Mom's Shrug

I asked my Mom what she would like me to knit for her. She said, "Something to wear in church to keep my arms warm". To which I answered, "Like a sweater?" she said, "No a sweater is too hard to get off and on, how about one of those shrug things you made for your brides maids?" I said, "Sure Mom, anything for you!"

And thus Chilly Church Shrug was born.

I bought yarn in the color she wanted, made some measurements, a few swatches, asked her about how warm she wanted it, and cast on. Two inches in I realized that I had not cast on enough, it wasn't going to be big enough across the back. Not to worry, I doubled the stitches and pretended that I meant to do that and got into the block pattern I had seen on another blog

It quickly became a labor of love. I am easily bored (I have knitters ADD) and the monotony of the pattern really got to me. I kept putting it down. 

It is finished, finally, and she is ecstatic! Today I gave it to her and we found all sort of uses for it. Like: when it is worn backwards it makes a good mini-snuggy blanket and it can be used as a hood when you put your face in the arm hole.

She is taking it this week-end on her and Dad's anniversary getaway. 

I am glad that she loves it and I am glad that it is finished!
Close-up of the block pattern

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