Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Around the House

:: Enjoying a gift from a friend. These are "fresh" apples out of her root cellar. She gave them to us as a thank you for lending her some baby equipment for her grandson during Christmas time. We made some apple crisp and the rest will be made into fresh apple sauce. What a treat!

:: Little man just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He can now climb up on things like chairs, couches, and even the stool from his work bench. 

:: The barn cats are enjoying giving Vinnie a hard time. He has to be hitched because he likes to cross the street to visit the trailer park. Now when he goes outside the cats get to rub on him and love him, in stead of him just running after them.

:: Dad had a birthday. We gave him a bunch of change so he could get some chickens or a camera. He choose chickens.

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