Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Year in Review Part 2: Knitting

My knitting over the past year has improved in quantity and quality. I have been designing more and stretching my knitting knowledge. A friend recently gave me an awesome compliment "Delia, my knitting professional friend, can you help me?" I don't know if I'd call my self a professional only proficient. I look over the past few year of knitting and I see feats and failures. Feats in designing a hat and failures in making things too large or too small, despite repeated swatching. I see promised projects never finished and customers I have disappointed. But I also see an abundance of knitted dolls, clothes, hats, toys, a giant sleep sack, a Christmas stocking, and Easter presents (four bears!) that I was able to see through to the end.

Here is a few of my favorite knits (with links) from this past year:

Flannel Hat -first pattern I wrote and sold
Love Monster -first toy pattern I wrote
Four Bears -crazy Easter knitting for my Sunday School class
Sweet Sheep -quick knit for a first birthday
Sparkling Cider Cozy's -designed and knit these up for my sister in laws Aug wedding
Evelyn Cardigan -baby sweater for my friends baby

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