Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Week We Are..

:: Teething :: Second Year molars this time (making the count 16.25) . He teethes all right. Not eating like usual, not sleeping like usual, but otherwise playing fine.
::Knitting:: Made a few things for a friend for her shower. I really like how I did the feet this time. He looks like he's swimming.
::Growing:: He is now wearing 24months clothes. They are a bit roomy, but at least all of his leg fit in them, not just the top 90% of them. Heard a great quote from Veggie Tales, "They are pants if you are short and shorts if you are  tall." His pants aren't that extreme, but close!

:: Reading:: His attention span is growing. He will now sit with books. He likes it when the daycare kiddos read to him.
::Thankful:: We are so happy that have family who took us in when our "house broke". We will be moving in shortly. Looks like Monday maybe.
:: Happy for Valentines:: I did not finish the thing I am knitting for Stomper, but he did open up something. Mimi got him some yummy animal cookies. We shared these frosted ones with the daycare kids because they were pink and white, perfect for Valentines.
:: Surprised:: Jason got all the women in the house a little gift of chocolate and flowers for Valentines. My Dad was a bit upset and muttered something along the lines of, "Going to have to talk to him about showing me up."
:: Sad:: A loved family pet became ill and was sent to Jesus today. She will be greatly missed.
:: Wondering:: When he gets a haircut, will the curls come back?

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