Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vinnie's Basket

Usually the blanket basket behind the chair looks like this (minus Elmo):

A certain little doggie likes to snuggle in where the sun reaches him during the day and in the evening his favorite human sits near-by. However, one afternoon he left his basket unattended and a little boy took it over.

Stomper climbed up into Vinnie's basket and pulled out his favorite book "Where is Elmo's Blanket" that was in with the recently handed down books. Elmo is a recent buddy. Grandma put on a video of Elmo's World the other day and ever since that he sees Elmo where ever he goes. Then we received a bunch of handed down toys and in it was an Elmo. So who better to snuggle with in Vinnie's basket than Elmo and a book about Elmo. 

Then it was Vinnie's turn once again to claim the basket and have a little  nap. 

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