Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am a proud Mama.

My little guy is such a big helper.

Sunday we do shopping for the daycare and house. We bring in the groceries and put them all away.

Sunday Stomper was down and running around and saying "Me? Me?" as he dragged the bags of groceries across the floor. I let him put the canned goods away, haphazardly of course, but they were away and the door shut. Then he handed me other canned goods for me to put in higher shelves and in the freezer. Today we had to move items from one freezer to another. He happily carried bags of green-beans and peas from one room to the other for me.

This little guy of mine is growing rapidly. His little hands are growing stronger, dexterous  adventurous, confident, and careful. He is speedily becoming less of a baby, despite my efforts to keep him little.

Some day these little hands will be bigger. They won't need my help any more. For now I will enjoy these chubby fingers and their growing independence.

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