Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yarn Along: January Snow

We are having a little snow squall today. Just a few inches, just enough to make the world beautiful and quiet. The kids played outside for an hour, two little snow people. 

Inside again I my knitting goes slowly but surely. The mittens I am making for my photography teacher are nearly done. Just a little bit of magic and they will be finished.

Beside my bed my book gathers dust, but I keep current with my favorite bloggers: Ginny at SmallThings, Amanda at SouleMama, Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch, Svenna at Stitch and Purl, and Ashley Ann at UnderTheSycamore. I really enjoy my invisible blogger friends. They encourage and bolster me. They make feel part of something bigger, an unseen community of knitters, mothers, crafters, wives, daughters, and photographers keeping a running memory of our lives.


  1. I like your son's hat. Enjoy the snow.

  2. Beautiful pictures AND beautiful words :) I love that feeling of community too. Most of my friends are single, so it's nice to see what other like-minded moms are up to.


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