Monday, January 28, 2013


What I wanted to happen and what actually happened this week-end were very different.

I had visions of hibernating in our 'apartment' with needles and my two boys. Instead we went to the in-laws to do some house sitting. I still had my needles and two boys so all was not lost.

I took my camera, but didn't take any pictures.

We had a good time. I got a lot of knitting done and the boys got a lot of snuggling accomplished. I also got to watch The Smurfs which I've never seen and Stomper fell in love with The Muppets.

Have I mentioned his recent fascination with Elmo? To give you the full scoop on how this happened (I am not a big Sesame Street fan and less of a fan of Elmo) I must give you a picture of our morning.

Stomper usually wakes me about 7:00 with "Mommy. Mooommmmmmy." over the monitor. Blearily I rise from my slumber and stumble to his room. I greet him and open his curtains, and this wakes me enough to carry him downstairs to his grandparents. My parents are sitting at the kitchen island watching the morning news on the computer, as they do every morning. My Dad, Stomper calls him "Grandfather" is already searching for an appropriate something or other to show him on youtube. I hand the boy over to Grandfather, trusting that he won't show him anything questionable, as I go get a shower before all the daycare munchkins arrive. One of these mornings, after watching the new Muppet Movie, my Dad went on a youtube search for the Mahna-Mahna song to show Stomper. That led to Cookie Monster and Cookie Monster led to full episodes of "Elmo's World." 

Stompers love of the red guy deepened after a friend gave us some hand-me-down toys and not only was there an Elmo book with lift-the-laps about his blanket (Stomper has a blanket called "Froggie") but also an Elmo that gave kisses. My son was smitten.

My guess is that when Stomper saw other Muppets on Mimi and Bumpa's giant TV it was toddler heaven. I guess there are worse things he could be interested in.

I have knitting photos, but you will have to come back Wednesday to see them!

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