Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Farming & Knitting

I have been deliberating on what to do about the other blog I maintain. Last year around this time we moved in with my parents and started a small hobby farm, Hamberg Family Farm. For the first part of 2012 and most of the summer I attempted to keep multiple blogs thriving. This fall I realized that it wasn't working out writing three blogs (Knitted Together, Hambergs in the Kitchen, and Hamberg Family Farm) so I focused my efforts where I had readership--here.

Starting today I will be posting all three blogs here on, Knitted Together. I have formulated a plan to keep me focused and give me direction. Most of my posting will still be about knitting and mothering, but you will also see more cooking and farming related posts. The following list is not set in stone, but a guideline. Some weeks I may post on all the days listed, on other weeks only a few.

  • Monday or Tuesday :: Weekend Wrap-up
  • Wednesday :: Yarn Along 
    • Books, knitting, yarn, and designing. On this day I link up with Ginny at www.gsheller.com
  • Friday :: Farm Friday
    • Updates on what is going on at Hamberg Family Farm
  • Thursday :: From the Kitchen
    • Recipies, failures, and food photos
  • Sunday  :: Year of Projects Update
    • Knitting and planning, this is a way to keep myself focused on specific things I have been wanting to knit. You can find my list HERE

I have a short photo journal of the farm HERE so that you can get to know our little farm.


  1. Looking forward to your combined work, variety, the spice of life.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement!


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