Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Talk

I was sitting at the table during lunch listening to my little guy babble on and I thought to myself, I'm going to miss his little voice when he gets bigger. I love how he says "One More" with his little pointer finger up in the air. It sounds like "One Mur", but his meaning is always clear. The other word he says that tickles me is "fork", he calls it a "cork". We attempt to correct him by having him mimic our over exaggerated "fff" sound, and the result is too cute for words.

Today my Mom taught him the correct way to say "more" and it comes out crystal clear.

Just one more sign he's growing up.


  1. You are smart to write down the cute things he says. Just today I was trying to remember something cute my kids used to say on a daily basis and I couldn't remember it! I hope it comes to me. Your little guy is super cute! And I love the mittens drying above the stove in the back :)

    1. Good eye! At first I was confused...how does she know there are mittens back there? .. As soon as you remember, right them down! :)


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