Monday, January 14, 2013

Year of Projects: UFO #1

I have started my first UFO, a mitten, and I am having problems with it. At first I was knitting it using the two needle method, but that wasn't working out quite right with my stripes so now I am knitting it flat. My advice: self striping and variegated yarn for mittens if you want your life easier. My next option it to locate dpn's in the correct size and give that a try. My fear is that if I knit them flat the size will be off since I knit tighter in the round.

the first mitten
I polished off three very cute projects for a baby shower, you can check them out on my pinterest board, and so I haven't really worked on my beret. I managed a few rounds while watching Total Recall (the new one) with the hubs and it is quite possible that I'll have it finished in time to not need it.

I forgot to add a few things to my list. I want to write a sweater pattern (for a baby) and a toy. I already knit the prototype for the toy. It is a little bunny rattle (perfect for Easter Baskets!). I have the rough draft of the pattern worked out I just need to reknit it to make sure I got it right and then I'll test it on rav. If you are interested in testing let me know (message me on Rav: DeliaMae) and I'll tell you how testing works. Here is a link to the bunny toy and a video of her sweet "song". I am having issues getting my vision of the sweater onto the needles. I think I may need a few designing books: suggestions?

Belle Bottom Bunny
My other projects are beckoning me in my list, but I still only have the two hands. I think I'll accept a little startitius and cast on a sock and some Easter stuff next.


  1. Really love the bright colours in your mitten and the bunny toy looks so cute and ideal for an Easter gift.

  2. I too love your mitten colors. I can't even knit that well much less design...that boggles my mind! What talent you have. I love your little models and the cute hats they are wearing on the left margin. I keep thinking if I knit enough "miles" I'll get good right? LOL! Good job on all you do...simply amazing!

  3. OMG..that's cute..I'm not a skilled enough knitter for such projects...but I carry on!

  4. The mittens look great, so colourful! And the bunny is very cute!


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