Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gotcha Day


Has it really only been a year?

One year since we sat in front of a judge, you squirming in our arms, while he told us that you were ours officially forever?

I look at you and I see God's promise to me. His promise that I'd be a Mom. I look at you and I know that you were made specifically for us. You may not have our smile, our nose, our laugh, but God has made you so that you fit perfectly.

Strangers don't know that you are adopted, and often I too forget. Your curls remind me of your Uncle Ben. Your loud laugh is like your Bumpa's. You are ticklish like your Papa and hate ground beef like your Auntie. How is it that all these strange idiosyncrasies are yours?

I know how. God formed you in your mothers womb. When he made you he had us in mind.

When I look at you I thank God that he made you just for us.

Happy Adoption Day!

Love, Mommy

1 comment:

  1. You made me tear up. How beautiful. Enjoy your wonderful day! What a blessing this was for all of you. Thanks for sharing!


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