Friday, March 15, 2013

Under the Snow, Waiting for Spring

This is what our garden and outdoor coop looks like.
There are so many plans in the works for spring. There is a growing list.
  • Fence in the barnyard :: there is quite a lot of debate on to what that exactly means. The only decided part, put up a fence near the road, and do it sooner than later.
  • Move the ducks to this coop area in the dog house - turned duck house - turned chicken coop and now back to duck house.
  • Move duck house and turn it into a chicken coop then build a fence around it tall enough so the chickens stay out of the daycare yard.
  • Decide where the turkeys will go.
  • Move rabbits into Rusty's old stall
  • Clean out winter chicken coop to put meat birds in it
  • Get brood box ready

And that it just what needs to be done in April.

(Above) This is where the chickens (the layers) new home will be placed and built,

(Above) This the is brood box turned chicken roost that needs to be changed back into a brood box. It's buried in the snow. We need it ready by the end of April ... no pressure.

(Above and Below) Even though we are feeling a little pressed for time we can still see the light. These little someday blueberries will bloom and grow with out our help. At least we have that taken care of...

And if that is not enough to boost our spirits, below is a photo collage of last year.
Top right :: freshly tilled. Top left :: slowly growing
Bottom right :: a forest of weeds. Bottom left :: fall

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